Boys and Girls Villages Foundation “History”

Founded in 1947

Original location – Chenault Air Base


Moved to its present location in 1951

Buildings donated by the Bel Estate

Three small cottages, kitchen, maintenance building, big house and staff living quarters.


1964 Joy Cottage was built


1971 Peace Cottage was built

1982 Swimming Pool was added

1986 On-Campus School Program started with the help of Barbara Bankens

BESE Board Approved


1986 Girl Village was opened (Faith Cottage in Sulphur)

1991 the (CVA) Crime Victim’s Assistance Program began covering the five Parish area

1991 Family Pavilion was built

1994 The new on-campus school was built with the help of PPG Friends.

Campus Renovations:

1993 Optimist Drive – Lake Charles Optimist Club

1994 G.A. McElveen Drive – Wayne and Andy McElveen

1996 James T. Austin Gym – Carl and Vickie Warden (beginning seed money and education)

1993-1996 All cottages remodeled


1997 New Food Distribution Center completed

1998 Hope Cottage was built

2001 Faith Cottage Sold

Boys and Girls Villages Foundation “Programs”

Group Care

24 boys

Two cottages

  • Twelve children per cottage

Children are between the ages of 7-17

Moderate level of care

Six month level program


On-Campus Alternative School (BESE Board Approved)

High School, Junior High, Special Education, Computer Lab

All teachers are certified.

Special Ed. teacher has a full time aid

We also have a full time tutor

All the children begin their first six weeks at our on-campus school.  After this period they are assessed as to whether they can transition to public school.

  • Public school transition depends on behavior and academic needs.


CVA Program

Crime Victim’s Assistance – counselor is provided for the school age children in the immediate five parish area.  Children who have experienced crime in their own home receive CVA counseling.



Two full time therapists provide individual and group therapy to the children.   Additional therapy, as needed is provided by outside specialist.


Boys and Girls Villages Foundation “Referrals”

Court System

OYD – Office of Youth Development (Adjudicated Delinquents)

OCS – Office of Community Services (Abused and Neglected)

Private Placement- We accept private placements regardless of the family ability to pay we ask for 8 ½ % of income

Boys and Girls Villages Foundation “Revenues”

Private contributions



United Way of SWLA

Cost of Care Reimbursement for State Placed Children

Parental Support