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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do children come to Boys Village for treatment?
Most of the youth at Boys Village have been court ordered to receive treatment.  However, parents may seek help for their child who is acting out at home and/or in school.  Our ultimate goal is three-fold; one is to intervene with treatment, thus reducing the likelihood that child will require a secure (lock down) facility in the future, secondly, to equip children with the necessary life tools to become productive, healthy adults, and third, reunification between the family and the child.

How are old the children?
Boys Village serves boys between the ages of 12 and 17.  However, most of the children are teenagers.

How many children live at Boys Village?
The three residential cottages can house 34 youth.

Do you provide services for both boys and girls?
No.  We only provide services to boys.

How do you determine if a child will be accepted into Boys Village?
We want success for all children so we try to make sure that we are the “right” program for your child.  In order for us to do that you must be able to provide a psychological evaluation prepared by a clinical psychologist.  The evaluation must include an I.Q. test, personality test, social maturity scale and a projective test. The report must include a summary, a diagnosis, and recommendation for treatment.  A Social History survey should also be prepared at the same time by the psychologist or social worker.  (The evaluation and survey cannot be more than 12 months old). In addition, other necessary information will be required such as education records, custody papers, etc. This information will help us to determine if your child is an appropriate placement for our program and that his needs do not exceed the scope of our program.

How is Boys Village funded?
A portion of the actual cost of caring for children is covered by reimbursements for services from the referring agency.  Approximately 11% of budget is provided by United Way of Southwest Louisiana.  The remaining funds are provided by community contributions (see ways to give), annual event fundraisers, and mail-out campaigns.

How long has Boys Village been a group home?
For more than 70 years. (Established in 1947)

How are educational needs met?
Boys Village’s on-campus school is BESE board approved and includes high school, junior high, special education, and a full time tutor.   When it is appropriate public schools are utilized.  In addition, children that successfully complete the program may qualify for a limited number of scholarships available at McNeese State University.