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Educational Needs are met primarily through our on-campus alternative school which is BESE Board approved for grades 6th through 12th (including Special Ed). In addition educational needs are met through public schools, Sowela Tech (vocational), and McNeese University (post-secondary)

Family Services: Family involvement is a vital ingredient in the success of each youth’s treatment. Our experience has shown that when a family is actively involved, the child’s chances for a positive treatment experience and long-term success is greatly magnified. Students and parents must work together through the treatment process.

Our comprehensive Case Management system provides parents with ongoing opportunities to be involved in every aspect of the program. Beginning with the arrival of the student at the Village and continuing on through the completion of the program, each student’s case manager keeps the communication lines between home and the program open.

Families are invited to attend family therapy sessions. These family sessions are designed to give family members the opportunity to bring unresolved family issues to light, to provide educational and skill-building techniques which are utilized in the resolution of these problems, and to provide counseling which has a stabilizing and healing effect on the entire family. There is also opportunity to meet and support other parents who are united in a common bond as each family works towards family unity and harmony.

Therapeutic Services:

Group Therapy consists of small group therapy sessions weekly of one hour each. These groups include substance abuse, problem-solving, social skills workshops, anger management, moral reasoning, positive peer culture, student community groups, leadership training, empathy development, victim awareness, and special interest groups. All group processes foster emotional growth in a safe and confidential setting. In group, students are able to identify and express their thoughts and feelings about past problem behaviors, and are confronted by their peers for any remnants of denial that may be keeping them from making positive changes in their lives. This process provides information to the students about chemical dependency, communication, assertiveness skills, sexuality, self-control, coping skills, conflict resolution, family dynamics, stress reduction, and a variety of related topics.

Individual Therapy is provided to each student with a minimum of one (1) session weekly with a qualified therapist. These one-on-one sessions give the students an opportunity to establish a trusting relationship with their counselor. In this setting, students are able to discuss issues that might be too sensitive for them to share with the group.

Substance Abuse & Addiction Treatment Programming is specifically designed to address the competing intrapersonal and family issues that fuel adolescent addiction problems. Recovery is facilitated through group therapy.

Spiritual Guidance is provided by our staff, local churches and campus chaplain volunteers.

Skill Training an important component of our merit level system and is taught daily in our “home-like” cottages including the evidence based curriculums “Casey Life Skills” and “Thinking for a Change”.

Recreational Activities are provided both on campus and in the community.

  • Athletic Activities
  • Skating
  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • Miniature Golf